Sanjose Vidyala ( Special School for Differently Abled )

The school admits around 450 students in age range of 3 -25 years. According to their functional level and I.Q., the children are divided into different groups such as pre primary, primary, secondary, care group, prevocational and vocational.

The curricular activities include self-care, motor communication, functional academics, socialization, domestic and vocational skills. Besides this, training is imparted in co-curricular activities such as sports and games, arts and crafts, yoga, music, dance, home management, stitching, horticulture, computer basic training and others. Children are provided with chances to participate in cultural competitions as well as special Olympics.

Special Service Programs in Sanjose Vidyalaya

A. Psychological Services

The main services in this unit are behavioral modification of students, guidance and counseling for students and parents. The psychologist uses various remedial instructional procedures to improve the overall quality of performance.

B. Special Education Services

When a new case comes to the centre, we assess the current level of functioning in various skills and take care of the child’s history for planning appropriate intervention programs etc.

C. Physiotherapy

Many children with mental retardation have motor problems, delayed development, cerebral palsy, loco motor disability and other physical problems are also seen. Detailed assessment is carried out and therapeutic programs are given for improving their posture and movements.

D. Occupational Therapy

With the help of Occupational therapy we help in the regaining of mobility and functional status in order to perform practical tasks, such as brushing, bathing, dressing, eating and other daily activities. With the use of assessment and treatment we develop, recover and maintain the daily living and work skills of people with a physical, mental, or cognitive disorder.

E. Speech Therapy

Many Children with mental challenges have speech and language problems, for them we give speech training through play therapy, music therapy, storytelling, role reverse and different exercises for the lips, tongue and cheeks.

F. Awareness Programs

Awareness about nature and management of children with mental challenges are provided to parents, siblings and community members from time to time including crisis situation management and positive attitude towards the children, their education and development. Medical camps and C.B.R programs are organized for reaching the unreached.

G. Prevocational Training

Here students practice various prevocational Activities to improve their work related skills.

H. Other Facilities:

  • a. Yoga Therapy
  • b. Training in Sports and games
  • c. Ball therapy
  • d. Special Training for playing instruments in Band
  • e. Availability of Multi stimulation Room
  • f. Dance and music classes
  • g. Exposure programs
  • h. Inclusion programs