Sanjose Vidyalaya is an institution dedicated for the differently-abled. This school had a humble beginning with 10 children and three teachers in a small
school building in the year 1989 at Ettumanoor. Ultimate goal of this school is to give the proper training to the disabled persons in our society
irrespective of caste, religion, race, sex etc.

Our Mission

To promote training and development of Children with Special needs meeting fulfilling resolutions.
We accept children with any type of intellectual disability irrespective of its severity. We aim to help
the children become as self-sufficient as possible and educate them within the limits of their ability
and integrate them into the wider world. We try to ensure every child’s right to be self-sufficient
and live respectfully.

Our Vision

To empower children with special needs to achieve their highest potential and be a guiding light
for the community.

Latest Events
  • Gold medals won at World Special Olympics held in America in 1999.
  • Participation in World special Olympics for floor hockey held in Japan in 2000
  • Awarded as Best Band Team in Kerala from 2003 to 2016.
  • Best Special School Award by Special Schools Association Kerala in 2006.
  • Father Joseph Kannampuzha Memorial Award for Best Special School by Mother Charitable Trust in 2007
  • Silver and Bronze medals won at Asia Specific special Olympics held in Australia in 2013.
  • State Special School Kalolsav Overall Championship held in 2014.
  • Bronze medals won at World Special Olympics held in America in 2015.
  • Awarded Best Group dance at state level from 2009 to 2016