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Year of Experience

Sanjose Vidyalaya

"I need a minute of yours…will you reach out to me? I know you are someone who cares! Do you want to know who I am? I am… a child born to parents like you, and I am a child like yours.. But I need a little extra help to get along in life. I am special! Some people call me disabled. I need individual attention. I can still learn a lot, stand on my own feet and contribute to society. But only if I am given more of understanding, care and special education training "

Sanjose Vidyalaya is an institution dedicated for the differently abled. This school is managed by St. Joseph’s Sisters in the diocese of Kottayam. It is an institution registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and charitable societies registration Act XII of 1955. (S.No.K.322 of 1978).

This school had a humble beginning with 10 children and three teachers in a small school building in the year 1989 at Ettumanoor. Ultimate goal of this school is to give the proper training to the disabled persons in our society irrespective of caste, religion, race, sex etc. to be good and useful members of the society as far as their capabilities permit and to help them to achieve personal happiness and independence.

Mental Disability is not an illness, it is a condition where the effected person possesses subnormal intellectual capacities. The differently abled children need training as well as measure of protection which results in independence at various levels as per their individual capacities and capabilities.


  • To provide special education services for persons with the help of multi disciplinary team.
  • To provide early intervention services for the children with development delay.
  • Help them to find a career and an acceptable place in society.
  • To provide shelter, educational training and rehabilitation services to the needy.
  • To disseminate knowledge – secular, moral, professional and social.
  • To provide guidelines, awareness programs to parents, siblings, family members and community to remove the misconceptions and negative attitudes towards Differently abled Individuals and their families.
  • To develop manpower in the field of mental disability.
  • To facilitate various kinds of quality services for persons with intellectual disability.
  • To provide vocational training and welfare activities for Differently abled persons.
  • To conduct and promote research in the field of mental, physical and multiple disabilities.